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We are Adaptive Apps; we design and build Patient Hub, a suite of intuitive, cross-platform apps that healthcare professionals want to use.

We connect them with their patients and the information they need, whenever, wherever and on their preferred device. So they can spend their time more productively, doing the things that matter most.

We are focused on continuously improving the apps incrementally. We build on the same mechanisms that our users are familiar with in their day-to-day life to ensure that the updated app is available to all users simultaneously.

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An intuitive, feature rich, cross-platform app that put healthcare professionals and their patients first. It works wherever you do.

Smarter healthcare

Access appointments, patient records, repeats and prescriptions. Decision support from one easy to use evolving platform. Seamless integration with all clinical web services.

Any device

Optimised for Windows, Android and iOS and compatible with a broad range of devices and form factors. Work your way.

Whenever, wherever

Complete access to your patient information with or without an internet connection, any time, any place.

Safe and secure

Comprehensive, industry standard data protection keeps patient information safe at all times.

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