Everything a clinician needs, at their fingertips

Patient Hub is a family of innovative healthcare apps that improve a clinician’s day-to-day activities in all kinds of ways. Making it easier to provide great quality care at every step of the process.

View appointments

Make sense of the day ahead and find out what’s next in an instant. View patients’ addresses on a map, and quickly make contact via email or text.


Patient’s records at a glance

All your patient’s key clinical records in one place, wherever you go. Consult current medication, allergies and medical histories. Make sure you’re up to speed by viewing key documents and attachments. Filter and sort data from across the patient record, by entry category or date to spot trends and find what you need, fast.


Enhanced clinical noting

Add clinical information and quickly record observations. Clinical notes are saved instantly to the cloud, so you don’t have to enter it manually later. Save time, eliminate transcribing errors, and never lose important information.

Prescribing with decision support

Our integrated decision support tools provide clinicians with a range of accredited clinical reference material, for faster, safer decision-making. Allergy and sensitivity checks, drug details and patient-specific alerts. A framework for great care provision.

Repeat prescription management

Want to issue or reauthorise a patient’s repeat whilst you are out and about? Want to replace one medication with another? No problem. Patient Hub’s repeat medication management functionality allows you to do all of these things.


Viewing patient correspondence

Patient Hub’s correspondence download functionality provides you the capability to view the latest letter from the consultant or the discharge letter from the hospital whenever or wherever you are. When you download the patient’s record to your device the last three month’s correspondence is automatically downloaded too; the information you want when you need it.


Online or offline

Our apps core capabilities are always available whether a network or mobile data connection is available, meaning you’re no longer limited by location. Work productively outside the surgery and never compromise on patients’ care.

Security first

We build powerful safeguards into our systems. All information on a local device is stored within an AES 256-bit encrypted database, meeting the NHS’ information governance requirements. Because we take security seriously.


The clinical functionality that you need.
Your device; anytime; anywhere.

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