It’s time for
a change

Smart software for a better healthcare experience

Information has never been more instantly and widely accessible. People are connected like never before, and their expectations from technology are constantly evolving.

Intuitive, accessible software.

Everything, everywhere, on any device. The freedom to choose, and work your way. Nowadays these are everyday consumer experiences.

And yet these changes are simply not reflected in the workplace.

It’s time to change our behaviour. It’s time to adapt.



Native Experiences

Healthcare professionals want a clinical application that runs on their preferred device and operating system. They don’t want to learn a new language in order to do their jobs.

With Patient Hub apps, they don’t have to. Whether they’re iOS, Windows or Android users, our apps run seamlessly across platforms, so there’s no need to learn a new system from scratch.

We use public app stores like Google Play, Microsoft’s Windows Store and the Apple App Store to ensure clinicians’ apps are always up to date, with little or no intervention. Users are notified when updates are available, and new features and refinements are automatically deployed to their devices, meeting the needs of tomorrow, today.

Our apps provide a familiar, instantly accessible software experience, designed for clinicians’ every day needs. They’re easy to use because they build on what people already know.

Put simply, they make working life smarter, simpler and more effective. It’s clinical software that professionals want to use.


Conectivity Matters

Patient Hub apps improve healthcare systems by connecting professionals with patients, colleagues and the information they need. Whenever, wherever.

Clinicians depend on reliable, secure access to the right information at the point of care, wherever that may be. Whether at a rest home with a sluggish connection or mobile working on the way to an out-of-hours visit, Patient Hub makes this possible.

Integrating with a range of clinical web services, our software allows remote access to patients’ latest test results and recent medical correspondence, with or without an internet connection.

From viewing appointments, making quick referrals and requests, or managing repeat prescriptions to prescribing with decision support, Patient Hub gives healthcare professionals everything they need, everywhere they go.

This means greater collaboration and continuity of care between services and practitioners. It enables safer, more informed decisions. And makes integrated, standardised care possible.


Powerful tools for more effective care and improved productivity. A better healthcare experience.

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