Adaptive Apps

The people behind patient hub

Adaptive Apps is the software product development company behind Patient Hub. We build innovative, intuitive and secure applications for Healthcare professionals.

Who we are

We are a software product development company that believes in the combination of great user experience design, great software engineering and modern devices.

We create apps that work where healthcare professionals want to work and on devices they want to use.

We have built an experienced team of designers, software engineers, testers and product managers with many years of experience in software product development.

Many on our team played leading roles in the creation of Microsoft’s Common User Interface toolkit for developing applications for healthcare.

We recognise the importance of new thinking and continuously challenge ourselves to make use of emerging technologies and tools to find better ways of working.

What we believe

We believe that great design puts the user first. That’s why we create our software through extensive collaboration with clinicians.

We optimise our products around how users can, want, or need to use them. Not by forcing them to change their behaviour.

We believe that people expect more from technology in the workplace. That’s why we build on their understanding of their preferred device to deliver a familiar, intuitive experience. An experience that’s closer to what they’re used to in their personal lives.

We understand our responsibility to healthcare professionals and patients alike; we place confidentiality, clinical safety and security at our core.


What we do

We use industry-leading expertise to design and build apps that drive real change for organisations and individuals.

We combine great user experience design and software engineering to deliver apps that people want to use, and work on their preferred devices.

We connect healthcare professionals with their patients, and provide them with secure access to the information they need at the point of care, wherever that may be.

We create software to support practitioners, and help them provide great care easily and efficiently. Ultimately, it’s what drives everything we do.


We believe that when something works, you don’t even notice it’s there. That’s why the best feedback we could ever get from a user is that…it just works.

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